Winter 2018 - Jody Hildreth

Winter Fun: Creating Frozen Bubble

Watch the video below, then get ready to make your own frozen bubbles.


     1. Get good bubble solution. An Internet search will show many homemade recipes.  The best ones use glycerin.

     2. Get a straw and a base to blow the bubbles on.  A plastic plate works well for a base.

     3. Get ready to be out in the cold!  Hats, mittens, etc.

     5. This only works on a cold day.  Below 0 degrees Fahrenheit works best.

     4. Dip the straw in the bubble solution and blow a bubble on your base. Watch as crystals begin to grown on the bubble.  The colder the temperature, the faster the crystals will form.

     5. After the bubble completely freezes it will "pop".  Get ready to blow another bubble.  Each one is unique.  

Video: Bubble Freezing