2021 Calendars $20 plus $5 shipping outside Utica area

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Taking Calendar Pre-orders. 

Check out the image on the left for images used in this year's calendar.  New this year: these will have a metal spiral binding - not stapled as in the past.  This makes them hang flatter on the wall and gives a much better appearance overall.

These are NOT ordered through this website. To place an order, contact Jody at: photoperch@gmail.com to arrange payment/delivery.


New & Free!

Carry a piece of PhotoPerch with you wherever you go with a free photo to use as  your phone's wallpaper. 

Simply download a photo of your choice by following this link: free wallpapers.

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Like hiking a new trail and wondering what is around each bend, my photography is a journey to see and capture something new. My feet are always itching to go explore a new location. My photographic dreams begin to be planned at least a year before they are realized. I enjoy seeing iconic locations, particularly at our treasured National Parks, and capturing them while the light is optimal. I relish seeking out animals rarely seen by the average tourist and capturing them in action. I will wait hours for a bird to appear, endure the cold and wind for a lunar eclipse, and plan months in advance to ensure the correct position of the sun in a landscape I have never visited. My photography is a constant reminder that there is incredible beauty in all corners of the world if one is willing to explore, be patient, and see things from a new perspective.